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Congratulations to our Winners !

Contest winners Diana Johnson and Donna Webb with prize
Contest winners Diana Johnson and Donna Webb with prize

Congratulations are in order for sisters Ms. Diana Johnson and Ms. Donna Web.

During the month of August, Helping Individuals Succeed LLC ran a photo challenge contest. The challenge was simple, team members would go head to head with each by capturing photos.

Sisters Diana Johnson and Donna Webb Pictured
Sisters Diana Johnson and Donna Webb Pictured

The rules were as follows:

Use the entire month of August to snap pictures of yourself and your individuals doing various tasks. The tasks are listed below. The Direct Support Professional (DSP) member with the most pictures wins. Quality is a bonus 😉 Individuals must be in pictures with DSP in order for the task to be counted. Submit your pictures and/or videos to Marketing and Communications Specialist, Neeka Pharaud, and be sure to tag @HelpingIndividualsSucceed on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. If you are not on social media, just email them in.

The tasks were meant to get DSPs - that are often family members, out in the community more with more of a framework for that day. We wanted the individuals we serve to experience a well-rounded amount of activities. Tasks that added up to the final score were as follows:


1. Go to the park

2. Cool down with some water ice

Sisters Diana Johnson and Donna Webb cooling down with Water Ice at the park
Sisters Diana Johnson and Donna Webb cooling down with Water Ice at the park

3. Create some art

4. Get creative in the kitchen

5. Shop a little – Either visit a grocery store or clothing store

6. Make a new friend – Receive permission to photograph “new friend”

7. Take some time out to smell the roses – pick some flowers

8. Get sporty – Play a game that gets you active

9. Settle down with a book

10. Movie night/day

11. Play some board, card, or video games

12. Bust out some tunes – either play an instrument, dance to a beat, or sing a tune – poetry and rap are also acceptable

13. Relax in the shade – Get some stellar shots in the shade with your shades

14. Splish splash – Cool off by the pool or some other body of water (you do not have to get in or get wet, but if you want to, be our guest)

15. Chalk it Up – Have some fun with sidewalk chalk

16. Furry little friends – Enjoy some pet therapy (visit a local shelter, cuddle with the family pet, or snap a pic when a furry little friend walks by)

Donna Webb with sister
Donna Webb with sister

17. Family time – Shoot some pics with the fam (receive permission to photograph family)

18. Witness fireworks – either your own or an event, please be safe.

19. Get ice cream from the ice cream truck

20. Visit Helping Individuals Succeed office

Ms. Diana Johnson reads to sister Donna Webb
Ms. Diana Johnson reads with sister Donna Webb

"This challenge was extremely fun. I didn't realize it was going to be this much fun," shares Ms. Diana Johnson.

When asked about the overall contest and feelings towards tasks listed, Ms. Diana Johnson answered with the following:

Why did you choose to participate in the event and what were some of your takeaways from the experience?

"I chose to participate in the event because some of the 20 activities listed are a part of our normal day. I actually enjoyed the experience because I was more aware of making my sister’s day more meaningful and enjoyable. It allowed me to think outside of the box. "

Which elements of the contest did you like the most?

"I enjoyed the activity of being creative in the kitchen. For me, I thought it would be difficult but Donna and I had fun and enjoyed eating our cooked food and videotaping it. Also, we were able to group a few of the activities together which made it easier."

Are you likely to participate in one of our contests in the future?


How likely are you to encourage other members to participate in this contest or others like it?

"I am very likely to encourage other members to participate, however, I am not in contact with them."

What, if anything, did you not like about this contest?

"A few of the activities were not age-appropriate for Donna."

How can we improve for future contests?

"Perhaps, a contest where more will participate. Ask the participants for suggestions. Maybe a few activities so all will participate. For Thanksgiving, what do you like about this day, tell us about your best friend or draw a picture, sing a song, etc.."

Do you have any additional comments or feedback for us?

"Great job!"

Ms. Donna Webb catching some rays
Ms. Donna Webb catching some rays

All in all August's challenge was a success. We look forward to more participants for future contests. Be on the lookout for more opportunities to win awesome prizes. If you ever have a question. comments, suggestions, or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact Marketing and Communications Specialist Neeka Pharaud.

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