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PATC 2020 Registration Now Open!

ODP's Pennsylvania Autism Training Conference (PATC) will be taking the virtual stage in late September through early October. Due to the ongoing pandemic, this free-to-attend conference will be conducted virtually through an interactive three-day schedule that will include presentations and panels from subject matter experts, providers, self-advocates, and families. In the midst of the COVID-19 crisis, there has been creative work and innovations to our system that will be highlighted at this conference, hopefully inciting excitement and sparking passion to continue this, at times, difficult work. Personal narratives will be interspersed throughout the conference in an effort to highlight the perspective of the individual at the core of what we do. This conference will provide professionals working directly with children and/or adults with autism, with tools, strategies, and resources to help provide the most effective support. See the attached schedule for more information.

Who should attend?

Professionals looking to increase their knowledge of and/or ability to support individuals with autism across the spectrum and the lifespan. We welcome all professionals supporting individuals with autism in Pennsylvania, in all systems. Please join us!

How to register

Log in or create an account on MyODP. To create an account go to and follow the instructions.

Once you are logged in, you can go directly to the registration page with this link:

For each day, there is a separate registration link. Click on the links for the days you would like to attend the virtual sessions, and on the next page, you will be able to register for specific times that you wish to attend. After registering, you will receive a confirmation email for your registration.

Before the session begins, you will receive a reminder email containing the Zoom link for your registered session. Click on the Zoom link and you will be able to join and participate in the virtual event.

Presentation topics include
  • Innovation in Challenging Times: Promising Trends in the Disability Response to COVID-19

  • Autism and the Court System

  • Dual Roles: Challenges and Lessons Learned during COVID

  • Bringing Your Personal Narrative to Life

  • Don’t Train and Hope: A Model for Initial and Ongoing Staff Development

  • Removing the Extra Glove: Empowering Students and Adults with Disabilities to Lead

  • And many more…


The information on this page has been directly sourced from MyODP News Online. Helping Individuals Succeed LLC has no direct relations with the reading material other than a reposting for a larger audience. Visit

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