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Kick Back, Relax, and Wait.

Eggs, bread, tuna, paper towels, peanut butter.... If this sounds like your grocery list or at least some rendition of it, read on!

We provide many services at Helping Individuals Succeed LLC. Our latest service addition is mobile groceries! Having to complete a supermarket run can be a bit of a nuisance. Sometimes it's an, "omg, I have to go to the grocery store for x,y,z," thought. Most times it's a, "I only went in for x,y,z, and yet somehow I managed to get items a-z." Either way, we're here to make sure there are no more inconveniences to your time or your pockets.

The process is pretty simple. You notice you need to restock some items. We remind you that our grocery items are all discounted. You get excited and do a happy dance - maybe, (most definitely). Then you place your order by heading on over to . We receive your order, fill it, and deliver. Simple.

Oh one more thing, your first order gets you $5.00 off. Thinking of friends that might love this service too? Let them know and get an additional 10% knocked off the total price on your next order. Are you happy dancing yet?

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